Friday, June 27, 2008

End of the Road....well sort of

6/13/08: We take a bus to Flores, Guatemala. This bus was a little cramped....and no ACThe country side was really lush and beautifulSome of the houses were pretty run downSome weren't so bad
We were on dirt road for a looooong timeOne more reason I don't eat beef
Guatamalen's love their beef. There were a ton of cows around.We get to Flores in the early afternoon. It was a cute little city...apparently lots of gangsters though Somehow I don't think this is the gangsta's rideThis restaurant wasn't that great. The food was alright, but we waited forever and the power went out! But....nice view, eh?For dinner Paul, Mindy, Peter and I went to a much nicer place Yes, another door ;-)

After dinner we did some shopping. Mindy modeled...she and Paul each bought one of these.
Don't worry....I didn't buy this! And I didn't really smoke this Cuban cigar...but I did drink a lot of Mezcal that night6/14/08: The next day we headed to Tikal. At this point I was pretty sick of looking at ruins. But I still took some pics for my fans.
A Tucan took a bite!After I got sick of picture taking Paul kept me company in the shade. I like this view.

We didn't get to see many monkeys cuz we're all a buncha loud mouthes and scared them away, but here's a little one....Then we all went and hung in the trees for a while. Fun!
Flores is actually and island on lake Lago Petén Itzágotta get the feet in there
6/14/08 we take an overnight bus (hell)
to Antigua (heaven). Antigua was one of my favorite places for sure. I wish I had more time there.
We arrive at 6am and our rooms weren't ready yet, so we go for a walk to get breakfast. This is our hotel's courtyard. Pretty.One of my favorite shotsSo this is me getting my first good cup of tea in weeks....and chai latte at that! Look at the happy princess!
Oh what a pretty fountain....
With naked ladiesHere's a fancy smancy hotel that wouldn't let us in the gate. Freakin' cool doorPaul, Catherine and I went out for an evening stroll.
This was destroyed in an earthquake. I forget what type of building it used to be, but they keep it lit up and it's purty.

Here it is from a different angle. One of my favorite shots.


Another favorite

We all stopped for a cocktail. Another favorite picture. Awwwww...

6/16/08: We get up at 6am to drive to an active volcano, Pacaya, about an hour and a half from Antigua

Hauling my ass up that mountain I felt like one of these....mooooo

But it was worth it for the view

That's a big pile of lava rock behind us

Just me and my shadow.Psssssttt I'm on fi-ya baby
Hot molten lavaPaul...the Pied Piper of stray dogs. He had a close call with one of them nipping him while taking food from his hand (it's very dangerous to have an animal bite in a place like this). Luckily it was just a surface wound. What's that saying about don't bite the hand that feeds you? I guess that doesn't apply to a starving animal who nobody feeds.
Last Supper
And, of course, drinks afterwards

Th-th-th-that's all folks!
To be continued in Europe. Stay tuned.