Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Romania to Roma

Paul and I took a sleeper train (my first) from Istanbul to Bucharest, RomaniaI wasn't all that impressed with Bucharest (as you saw with my last post). Here's a decent pic of the city....Here's some reason why I didn't like the city. Notice the electrical lines.Now have a closer look....And the lovely city benches....And the under construction metro entrance....Another train takes us to Cluj in Northern RomaniaCute little city. Paul and I were fighting off viral infections, so it was a good thing there wasn't much to see and it rained a lot, so we got to sleep in and cuddle under the covers. Big bad scary man!! Next we took a train to Sighisoara (not this one though! haha! this is for you Eli. I miss you!)And for MattMedieval Sighisoara (you'll see more pics from the top of that tower)

climbing the clock tower (one of my favorite shots)A view from the topThis little girl is a looooong way from home.I need a little comfortingA Princess Posing What goes up... We went to Dracula's boyhood home. I had to make friends with the guard.
Next we went to Brasov. There were only two rooms for rent here and the old lady, Lucy, who takes care of the place didn't speak any English, but she sure liked to talk anyway! This is the view outside our room. Paul and I went to Bran Castle just outside of Brasov. It was cold and rainy. The castle was okay.....
.....but this was the highlight of my day. I couldn't stop laughing at Paul in this (and I'm still not really sure why they were selling wigs outside of a castle).
Back in city is complete without out of work musicians Paul soon found out that somehow I always manage to spill... All in all I really liked BrasovOur final stop was in Sinaia....where the people were rude and there wasn't much to do. We had this whole building to kidding! (it's a ski resort)The weather was crap, so we did a lot of TV watching....but one day we did something most tourists don't get to do...I kicked Paul's ass the first game. Wish I could say the same for the rest.This was definately a highlight of Romania. Peles Castle, home of King Carol I. Unfortunately the fee for taking photos inside was too much to pay, but I've never seen anything like it in my life. There were weapon collections, art, stained glass that looked like photographs, gorgeous artwork, over the top furniture and upholstery. Really magnificent. Paul got to calling me his little turtle because my bag looks so big on me. So, here is a rare treat: the Romanian blue and black spotted turtle.Paul and I went back to Bucharest to spend the night before heading our separate ways...there are sad pics taken from the taxi to the airport, but I'll spare you the puppy dog eyes. While I feel confident traveling on my own, I miss Paul's company a great deal.
In Europe it's easy to get around. Hop on a two hour flight and poof! Roma!
First stop, ColossumNext, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill
That night I met up with a great group of English kids. We spend the next few days wandering around the city together. They were a blast. (L to R) Rich, Tom, me, Paul, Hannah. Here we are at Trevi Fountain.
The Pantheon was one of my favorite sights in Rome. Pictures just can't do the interior justice.
And what would any city be without some flying rats?
A little mid afternoon gelato pick me up

Every major city has a few main characters. First you've got the 'performance artists'

There are always a few nuns and touristsStatues are a must (this one happens to be on the bridge of angels)beggars

Throw in a few crazies and viola! Roma! Cool pic

I had to show the young ones I could keep up...

Vatican City....NO I didn't burn it down upon entering! In the museum some of my favorites were the modern art. Here's a little Salvador Dali

Just a few other peices....I took a lot of pics...

Finally, got a train to Naples and here's the first thing I did!

As you can see, I'm having a blast! As always, love and miss you all!!