Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Newport, RI....who knew!?!

Ok, ok.....so everybody knew but me. Newport is a great place to vacation. I had four days off, so Paul and I were tossing up Newport or Cape Cod. Newport won out because it seemed there was more to do than lay on the beach (of course there was rain predicted on all four of my days off-sigh).

When we got there, we went for a walk right away and, well, I just couldn't resist....

hehehehhehe Bevis they said seamen. hhehhehehhehhehhehhehhehehehe

I can't help myself. I could go on....but I shall restrain.

Here's a nice picture to get our minds off on seamen. Oh wait...this is a picture of a seaman. Ok, ok, I SWEAR that is the last I say about seamen.

Seamenseamenseamenseamenseamen. Ok, phew. That's it. I swear.

Then we went out to dinner. I got sole stuffed with this:
Lobsta. With sun dried tomato cream sauce. YUM.

Paul had stuffed shrimp for the first time. He loooooved it.

The next day we planned to go walk along the cliffs and maybe see some mansions......Paul decided to wear this: Sandy, I must apologize. Do you remember when you asked me to help you with the sunglasses situation? I just laughed and laughed.....Well I thought that was funny. This, I did not find funny. Oh. My. Goodness. In this situation, I think a picture really does say a thousand words.
It's true what they say. Karma is a bitch. And this was my payback. He actually wanted to go out in public this way and got really angry with me for telling him I would not be seen with him unless he changed.

I'm so alright with Paul being a little experimental. Funky glasses. Funky hair. But really...can you imagine walking into this place wearing the above outfit?Maybe if it were a mental asylum.

So, after a little tiff and a change of clothes we made our way to the cliff walk and saw some pretty coastline and 'cottages' as they're called.
These beautiful trees were everywhere. I think they're European Birches. I love this shot of my boy. Then I made him take a shot of me. And then he told me if I didn't stop taking pictures he would leave me. Then I took this picture and he stomped off.
On one of our walks we found this sign:
We spend so much time together that we both looked at one another and said: "I'm a laaaady" in unison. I don't expect you to get that reference so, here's a little something that will bring you a little closer into our world:

Watch the ladies

We had one good clear night without rain that we were able to go for a sailboat ride.

Dude wouldn't get his leg outta my shot!One silly pose:
And one nice pose:
Ocean sunsets on the east coast aren't too spectacular, but we enjoyed it.
The next day we toured more mansions. I expected to get sick of them real quick, but they were interesting and rich with history.
Did you know back then people didn't pay taxes? How friggin pissed are you? 30+ million of income and not a cent of taxes.

I wish you could appreciate this view, but my crap camera couldn't really capture well enough to do it justice. Imagine there are blue skies and you can see the ocean really clearly.
Imagine having this view to wake up to?? Though it would only be eight weeks a year seeing as it would just be your summer 'cottage.'

Did I mention they didn't pay taxes? Bastards.
Do you think they used this space for yoga classes? Oh how I would love to teach a class here.

See that house in the background? Yeah, Paul and I were going to buy it that weekend, but we decided it was too small for us.

....oh right, and I couldn't purchase it because I pay taxes and therefore cannot afford it.

The end.