Monday, September 20, 2010

Second Honeymoon/Babymoon

We decided to go on a little get-away for a belated honeymoon by ourselves. A friend of mine recommended Block Island, RI.

What a treat it was. For $230 we got two nights accommodation at a B&B, two bike rentals for two days, and two round trip ferry tickets. Considering the bikes alone would have normally cost $180 total, we made out pretty damn well! We went midweek after Labor Day, so that's why we got such a great deal.

Leaving Port Judith

Ahhhh, nothing like the fresh ocean air......

.....and getting soaked by sea spray. I hope you appreciate the bravery it takes in posting this picture---all just to get a laugh out of you! 

Gawd, is that what I really look like?

A little overcast, but lovely

This picture is of nothing special. I'm putting this up purely to gain sympathy. Do you see this monster hill I had to climb dragging my luggage in my fragile state?

What? It was a monster hill! And so what if I was all of 10 weeks pregnant. It was hard I tell you!

First meal. Yum. This is the FIRST fish and chips I've heard Paul actually compliment outside of Australia.

The view from our room. Not too shabby.

We did a lot of this during our stay.

So much so that we missed a good beach sunset.....

Paul really loved all the old houses and hotels.

....and the ice cream....

Here's my ice cream....

....and here it is again. See that big ol' booty hanging off the edge of the seat. My goodness! That is one ice-cream-alicious rump!

Oh, phew. Here's a more flattering view of me....please forget you ever saw that one of me on the boat.

Here's a cool restaurant called the Oar. Gee, I wonder where it got it's name.

We did lots of biking. We even biked to go hiking.

Seriously, after all this exercise how is it that I still have such a ample bottom?

It couldn't be all the ice-cream I've been eating these past two months, could it? Nah, don't be silly. That's not it.  

Still biking. I think for a pregnant woman I held up pretty damn well, thank you.

Paul held up pretty well too. He's got a bubble booty too. Our child is destined to be very pinchable.

We got to see a lot of the lovely landscape.

And of course we had to end our journey where we began...YUM!

We really loved Block Island. We both agreed though it was great going off  season and mid-week. There were so few people it was very enjoyable. As we were leaving Friday we saw the crowds pouring in--and we were happy to be going!