Sunday, October 19, 2008

Naples to Krakow

Here's the latest update. After Rome, Naples didn't seem so magnificent. I didn't spend much time in the city, but went on a few great day trips. Here's a few pics from Naples.

The next day I went with a few people I met to Capri. The ferry ride at 7am:We took an hour long boat ride around the island. Here's the famous Blue Grotto. Normally you can swim in under the rocks and it's florecent blue water because of the way the sun hits it, but it was closed this day. Later (you'll see the pics of the place we swam) we found some locals and on of them brought us to something similar.
Capri is really expensive and basically for rich people. It's a beautiful island, but not so pretty on the wallet. We got sick of the touristy section real quick and went in search of something else.
Here we found a local "private" beach. Private meaning....nudist!Here's me swimming in just my undies with the people I was hanging out with Clara, Matt, and the local guy who showed us around Louis.
It was a good day....The next day we went to Pompeii. After all the ruins I've seen in Mexico, these turned out to be the best. It's a huge city pretty much completely in tact. You can still see paintings on walls and tiles.

Next, on to Florence. I met some more great girls and we were all a little sick of Italian food, so out we went to Mexican!
I couldn't take pics inside the museum, so here's proof I saw Michelangelo's David. Classy sign, eh?
Around the city

Me enjoying the David replicaDay trip to Siena with Rebecca and Karen. This was the best gelato ever! Siena was a sweet little city.
Out on the town in Florence again

A big treat...desert...yum!a batchelor party that finds their way to our table
after dinner we go to this hole in the wall place for live music. This couple were terrible musicians, but great entertainment!I had to show 'em how it's doneLeaning tower....big let down
Cinque Terre National Park in Italy. A 10k walk
My dorm mates and I start off the next morning (me, Rebecca, Tyler, Richie)
You come upon 5 small cities like this one
Later, we cook a communal dinner. Delicious!
Paul hitchhiked from Berlin to meet me in Milan...there wasn't much to take pics of thereSo, on to toga parties in Venice
Venice is full of beautiful masks
And lots of sweets
And lots of bridges
Locals sitting in the square. We loved just wandering and people watching.

Venice at night was gorgeous. Next we went to Bled, Slovenia. Wow! It was so picturesque and clean. Slovenian people are really happy and friendly.

We went to Vintgar Gorge. This was a highlight. Really peaceful and beautiful.
The countryside on the bike ride back into town.

Slovenia's capitol, Ljubljana is a place I could see myself going back to or living in. The people are open and friendly, they've got yoga and natural food stores, and it's beautiful to boot.
For Matt

Budapest was a good city. It didn't inspire many pictures though. Here we are doing a traditional Hungarian dance with locals. A cool cafe

Now we're in Krakow, Poland. We went to Auschwitz which was extremely sad, but a must see. Here's the gate where so many people entered without ever exiting.
We've been couchsurfing the last few towns and this so far has been the best experience. Here are our hosts and some guests singing together. Everyone here is so welcoming and giving of their resources. There were 14 of us sqeezed in to one room last night, but it has been a wonderful experience!

There are so many other pictures that I can't even include (this has taken me about 5 hours so far). Next, on to Berlin to stay with a friend of Paul's. I'm looking forward to a few days of doing nothing but watching movies and cooking roasted chicken!

Love and light to you all!!