Saturday, August 21, 2010

Honeymoon!! Part I

Since this is a travel blog and since Paul's parents, Sandy and Graham, are featured heavily in these posts I think it's worth noting that Graham has a fear of flying. After deciding to brave the long trip out to America for the wedding, his parents decided to make a whole trip of it. First, they stopped in Hawaii (lucky devils), then did a whole west-coast of America tour, followed by our wedding. They hitched along on our honeymoon (we were glad to have them), then finished off their trip in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Perth before going home to Adelaide.

I think for a man who was scared of flying he did pretty well. As they say in Australia "Good on ya, mate!"

It's a really good thing that I'm writing this because if I tried to say that out loud I would sound like THE biggest dork.

Ok, now to the honeymoon. Paul's parents and my mom headed up to Maine a few hours ahead of us. We got on our way in the early afternoon after running some errands. It was a five hour drive, so we had to find ways to amuse ourselves. Paul was super psyched to get this back as change from a toll booth.

Tootsie girls taking in the view...
Let me just say, it helps to have an Australian husband. Americans love, love, love Australians. They love all that "g'day mate" and kangaroos business. Pretty much every American I know wants to go to Australia and just adores Paul's accent. He could tell them they were a steaming pile of shit and they'd smile. Luckily he's a nice guy, so coupled with the accent he gets stuff. He gets out of speeding tickets. He gets late fees waived. He gets free upgrades. When we arrived at the resort, Sebasco we had the best room in the lighthouse! Check the view:

We just put our feet up, relaxed, and enjoyed the view.

Let me tell you what, the views at this place were beautiful.

...and so was this one.

We had a beautiful dinner our first night there (without the parents)
So, so, so romantic....
I think we had our fill of clam chowder and lobster and it all started here. YUM!

So sweet and mild mannered....and dorky in that bib!

...and back to sweet again.

The next day we enjoyed a boat tour with the parents.


They don't look like tourists at all do they?

So while we were out we saw this boat! It all happened so fast that I didn't even get to take any other pictures until it was too late....

JUST KIDDING! Hahahahahaaaa! Two different boats, two different places. I just couldn't help myself.

We were only at Sebasco a few days, but I would highly recommend it. If anything, go up for a few days to use their salt water pool, enjoy their activities, or just read a book with a beautiful view...but be sure you're there on a Wednesday.

Why Wednesday you ask? Well on Wednesdays this happens:
Lobsta bake. Yeee-freakin-haw! Hallalujah! Amen!
See how there's eggs on the lobster bake? Well here's an interesting little fact: the eggs help the chef know when the lobster is done. When the eggs are cooked, so is the lobsta!
This was for sure a highlight of our trip. I mean, the food was out of this world. They had coleslaw, potato salad, clams, corn on the cob, rolls, clam chowder, 2 free alcoholic beverages, and blueberry pie.

Excuse me a moment.....

Ok, I was salivating just thinking of it. Pull yourself together, woman!
I wasn't the only one who enjoyed myself....just take a look at this happy face:
Graham enjoyed what he came to call chow. That's Australian for Chowder. Kinda like how Paul calls Stop & Shop "Shop & Stop." Often you'd hear something along these lines:

"Sandy, you know what I like? I like that chow. That's bloody delicious! Beautiful! Kids, where can we get some chow?"

Paul: "It's chow-der, dad. Chowder. Get it right."

"I don't care what it's called. It's bloody beautiful. That's what I want for dinner."

The whole time I'd be giggling in the sidelines.

Ahhh, good times. We all enjoyed the lobsta bake.

 My mother doesn't eat lobster. How do you go to Maine and not eat lobster??

 It was a beautiful start to our honeymoon and we were so happy to have the time to bond as a family. I really lucked out in the parent-in-law department. They are good people and they get along ridiculously well with my mother. How often does that happen? I shudder at the horror stories I've heard about in-laws. No, we are very lucky. It's hard not to recognize that with a view like this and a belly full of lobster.

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