Tuesday, June 24, 2008


A little Nutella never hurt anyone....especially on a bus trip. 6/7/08 after Chichen Itza we head to Cancun. We went out to this world renowned club, Coco Bongo. It was a blast, but I don't have pictures at the moment. My roomie, Mel, is going to send some to me. 6/8/08 We take a ferry to Isla Mujeres
Ahhhhh.......just what I needed at this point
I slept, read, and played frisbee in the ocean all day.
did I say ahhhh???
6/9/08 We take a bus to Playa del Mar....here's what I also saw a lot of on the bus. Mel sleeping. That girl could sleep all day on a bus.
The weather wasn't great in Playa del Mar and honestly....I hated it there. It was like being in America....a cheapy crappy touristy spot in America.
HA! I finally caught a good picture of this guy. The girl behind him is Paulina...she was guiding another tour that was basically following us. 6/10/08 we catch a bus to Talum
Lots of iguanas!

These ruins were on the ocean. BEEE-U-TE-FUL!

There was one spot where we all could go swimming, but I didn't get any pics. It was amazing to swim there, but there were a ton of people and it wasn't worth getting the camera out.

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DiscoBubba said...

Those iguanas look delicious...