Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Chichen Itza

Here's something we did a lot of...waiting at bus stations. 6/7/08 we get on a bus for Chichen Itza on our way to Cancun.It was a very cold bus ride and the emergency blanket that my brother gave me finally came in handy. I felt like a dork, but I was warm!
more ruins....

WATCH OUT! The monster is gonna eat you!!

Here's a good idea of what the archeologists find and have to put back together. Basically a pile of rubble.
This was a building dedicated to the God (or Godess) of fertility. They say if you stand near it you can get pregnant. I took about 10 steps back. Yep, that's a penis
And a vagina
There were a ton of pillars
It was muy caliente' (freakin hot)
Ernesto said Chichen Itza is the doorway to GringoLand. He was right. It was really touristy....there were even dancers that went around from spot to spot (carrying their whole boom box set with them on a tray).
Say NOT to drugs...another grammatically incorrect sign
And off we go to the real GringoLand....Cancun


Saam said...

they call those signs Engrish in the Asian world. they are so funny. check out ww.engrish.com

there are so many more things that are grammatically incorrect or just plain out dont make any sense!! its good entertainment at the very least. :)

love the pics!

DiscoBubba said...

Haha I dunno whats dorkier lookin, that blanket or the hat. Hey as long as they're functional thats all that counts tho. Those ruins are sweet. Looks like one of the Voltron tigers might pop out of one of them. Thats what the "monster" really was; A way to worship the robotic japanese creation that would spring forth to save the planet in the future.

OK enough geek references, the other great thing is the phallic symbols there! They must have had some pretty square lookin genitalia...