Friday, June 27, 2008

La Isla Bonita

Okay, so this is totally out of order, but since I'm going to Europe with Paul for an indefinite amount of time, many of you are asking to see here you go. This is us in Antigua.
Now, on to the chronological order of things....

Have I said there's a lot of waiting for transportation during this trip? Well, we get a little bored. Here's Catherine (our token offense Catherine....I was the token Gringo) balancing a fake apple on her head as we wait for our (terrible, awful) bus to Belize. 6/11/08:
We eventually catch a bus to Belize City, then a speed boat to Caye Caulker.
Paul likes to listen to his music whenever he can....or more like whenever I'm not talking his ear off.
Me looking silly in my headband, but my hair is outta my face and I can pose with Mindy. It was about a 45 minute boat ride.
We arrive to Caye Caulker and it's gorgeous.
How did they know I was coming????

Again, how did they know I was coming??
I woke up the next morning 6/12/08 (at what I thought was 7am, but was really 6am) and went out to the dock to meditate.

Everyone on the island was really friendly. This dude wandered up beside me as I was meditating and nuzzled me. He kept me company the rest of the time....
Waiting for our boat to shark and stingray alley....very different from our bust station hang outs, this is a wait I can totally handle.

I'm too sexy for my shirt too sexy for my shirt
So sexy it hurts
And I'm too sexy for Milan too sexy for Milan
New York and Japan

....yeah, not so much in this gear.
Hmmmmm.....wonder why we didn't see any sharks. Could it be the same reason we didn't see many monkeys in the forest? Little bit of traffic jam....
Cool pic! Guess who that is in the background......
Me very happy after swimming in the ocean with sting rays. That stupid Crocodile Hunter. What did he do wrong? Stingrays are very peaceful creatures. They freaked me out like crazy when they swam under me, but I still liked them a lot.
Side note...isn't Trish a hot mamma?

This would be my pouty face after Sylvia told me she saw dolphins and I missed them. Princess no like. She no happy.
Just another day waiting for princess's lunch
Yeah....So....Most places have a REAL safe. At our hotel in Caye Caulker I asked the guy for a safe and he wrapped my travel wallet in masking tape and put my room number on it (that says C in C second floor) to go in his personal safe since he lived on site. Interestingly enough, I trusted him more than I trusted other people I left all my cash with.
On the way to dinner this guy stopped me and made me this hat. He cracked me up....or was it that he was on crack? Either way....
Me and my buddy Sylvia....lovely lady that she is.
We're both a little sun kissed.

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DiscoBubba said...

Awww YEAH! Them hats are off the hook! Fo' Rizzle! I hope you brought me back one of those