Tuesday, June 24, 2008


6/5/08: we took a bus from Palenque to Merida. In case you're wondering what my view was on all those bus trips this would be it...book, handbag, usually something covering my legs, and some snacks strewn about. Ernesto trying to get some zzzzzz
Crappy shot, but my first view of the ocean!
We arrive to Merida at 5pm, but since happy hour doesn't start till 6pm we walk around a bit. Merida was definatley more commercialized...as you can see by the Burger King. There were lots of "we speak English" signs and sinage that was in Spanish and English. Once it hit 6pm, we went to Happy Hour.....
And stayed the rest of the night....
The food at this place was really amazing and after dinner this guy made flaming coffee

And Trish enjoyed it
Some of us went out for an evening stroll...

The next day we did some more touring of the city

There were lots of carraiges to rent, but the horses looked in such bad shape I couldn't bear to go for a ride.
We went to a museum. Did you know that the Mayans used jade for dentistry? See the green flecks?
They also practiced body modification. Apparently having a funny shaped head was hot back then.... I've actually seen babies recently with helmets because their heads have flattened out due to only sleeping on their backs. Apparently flat heads aren't hot any more...
I got through the museum pretty quickly and sat outside to wait for the others
Mel joined me and we decided to take a rest together
This one's for my bro....there were bugs everywhere, man!
Derek having some quiet time with God
An art exhibit outside the church
A nice door at the government building
Lots of cool art there
Peter admiring the art work
Something I saw a lot of.....Mel taking self portraits.
We headed toward another public market. It started to rain and the smell from the hot streets was foul. I wished I had just gone back toward the hotel. Some things at the market were beautiful though
It was so hot near this machine that makes fresh tortillas. I can't imagine working here.
This may be one reason the markets stink to high hell. They leave meat out everywhere. Yuck.

Lots of mangy stray dogs around. Poor pups.
Me, Derek, and Mel bought tickets for a ballet show that was accompanied by a symphony.
We got balcony seating, dead center, for $8 US

The ballernias weren't really great, but the symphony was nice
Going to the ballet is an every day thang for Mr. Derek I could show those ballerinas how it's done....

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DiscoBubba said...

Aww those Beetles look Money! Next time just hot wire one and bring it back with ya. That Silver one looks nice. Come on! Hook a brotha up!

Chicks back then musta dug the flathead look.